Bishop-Elect Pays a Visit

Bishop-Elect Whayne Hougland, Jr. paid a visit to Western Michigan last week, to meet diocesan leadership, clergy, staff, and to further familiarize himself with his future home.He describes his first few days learning about the diocese as “like drinking water out of a fire hydrant.” There are a lot of people to meet, issues to learn about, and needs to assess. However, he is still the rector of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Salisbury, NC, and will wait until his consecration to become more active in decision-making.He is honored by the faith and trust of the people of Western Michigan.He hopes to make use of video to communicate with the diocese, and has recorded a video message.You can watch it by clicking here now and going to our newvideo page.Whayne Hougland


  1. Reg Boland says:

    Dear People of Western Michigan,
    You have chosen an extraordinary priest as your next Bishop. He and Dana are a wonderful couple full of joy and optimism. God Bless you as you embark on a new and exciting time in your Diocese. Pray for us here at St. Luke’s as we embark on the process to replace this good and faithful man. PS I vist the Gilmore every year or two and have found your area to be beautiful and friendly.