Search Team Welcomes Input

The “Have Your Say” process began last week at Senior Camp, with a conversation hosted by Carol Rickey, Search Team Co-Chair, and David Hawley-Lowry, Search Team member and Senior Camp Staff.  Almost forty senior high youth participated in the conversation.

“Have Your Say” at Senior Camp. Photo credit: Barbara Traxler

Our visit to Senior Camp was just the beginning. At this point we have team members scheduled to visit half of the parishes in our diocese for “Have Your Say” sessions.  If your parish is not yet on the calendar, be assured that we are still working to schedule a visit. Search Team members are scheduling these visits by Deanery and each Deanery is in a different stage of completion. We are also working to schedule “Have Your Say” conversations with clergy of the diocese.

In addition to participating in a “Have Your Say” session, members of the diocese are also welcome to share thoughts with the Search Team by sending us email. Our email address,, is now posted on the sidebar. We do pledge to read your emails. We regret that we will most likely not have time to reply beyond an acknowledgment of receipt.  Our focus at this point is the development of the Diocesan Profile, and we welcome any reflections that will help us complete that task with excellence. We will be gathering information for the profile for the next six to eight weeks.

What does a Diocesan Profile look like? Check out these links from recent searches:

 The Diocese of Rhode Island’s Profile

The Diocese of Lexington’s Profile

The Diocese of New Hampshire’s Profile

 As you can see, we have plenty of work ahead of us!  We continue to covet your prayers.


  1. Becky Searles says:

    after looking at the 3 examples of Diocesan profiles, I find the one from the Diocese of Lexington to be the most engaging. The video profile was very well done and gives one a good feel for the diocese. I liked LEAST, the Diocese of Rhode Island’s. It just read too much like a business report, and not a church profile. New Hampshire’s also was like a business report, but had some good points and was much easier to follow. Realizing that they are further along in the process, I also liked the video profiles from each of the candidates for DioLex. It gives people a bit of an idea what each candidate is like., esp if you are unable to meet them and give your thoughts to the electing delegates.